Thursday, September 15, 2011 new Maya MeL Script

from a couple of months , i was on vacation & find it is great to enter the animation competition on 11Sec Club , on this month they put a piece f music ( not  dialogue as usual ) , so my idea was a professional chef , when i draw my animatics i found a hard part.
it was where he cuts the Susag into pieces & here it comes...!
the idea for the script !!

But because the competition time is limited , i put this project in my head & try to fake the effect to the audience with my camera animation , and after the competition i get back to work ..
finally when i got my next vacation i started to writing this tool & here is my result, this is a quick vedio for the tool & its functions .

and here is the video :


  1. were i can get this tool and when!

  2. a demo limited version will be available soon on the main site :